Grid Wire Bind Notebook

Grid Wire Bind Notebook

Grid Wire Bind Notebook

Grid cover pattern
- 100% Repurposed Paper Stock
- 100% BLANK pages inside
- 80pp
- Kraft cover
- Wraparound cover that conceals the wire
- Wire bound in black (recyclable)
- Misprint Story on inside cover

Every Wire Bind Misprint notebook saves 200 litres of water.


Good-looking Notebooks
For a good-looking and sustainable notebook we have you covered! By using repurposed paper you’ll never know what fun things you’ll find on the pages. Each notebook saves 130+ litres of water. That’s roughly two 8 minute showers of water saved!

Notebook Features

Available in different sizes A5, A4 to suit each individual need.
Plenty of pages - 13 sheets and 52 pages to be exact!
Contains half used paper. Each notebook is 100% unique. You’ll never face fear of the blank page again.
Our notebooks have two different cover options! Recycled kraft card or our recycled white for those brighter and lighter colours.
Our soft covers are super flexible to fit your flexible lifestyle.
Our classic staple bind is both classic and functional.
By Repurposing our paper we don't use any chemicals in our process.
Every notebook saves 10 litres per A4 page used. Now that’s sustainable!