Unwaste Your Waste Paper

If your business or school is a paper user (aren't we all), but don’t need notebooks, our Offset service might just be a perfect fit for you. We will repurpose your waste paper and turn it into funky stationery for the public. We take non-confidential paper. For more information on non- confidential paper see our FAQs page.

Become an Offsetter.
Simply give us a ring or an email saying you would like to become an Offsetter.

From here you will get a Misprint Collection Box and you can start collecting! 


When The Misprint Collection Box is full all you need to do is give us a ring and we’ll pop by and pick it up. Simple. 

Paper collection is always free.

By using this service you know your waste paper is being put to good use. Your business can still be actively sustainable while also offsetting your recycling costs. Saving money and doing good for the planet.

If you want to make the odd order of notebooks from your own paper of course that’s an option too!


Our Offsetters

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