If your business or school uses a lot of paper but doesn't need notebooks, we recommend our Offset service. We'll collect your non-confidential waste paper for free and turn it into notebooks for our retail customers.

How Offset works

dropping paper

Step 1

We drop off one or more collection boxes depending on your organisation's size. Just put your non-confidential, blank-on-one-side paper into the collection box.

picking up paper

Step 2

Once the box is full contact us and we will pick it up. The paper collection is always free.

The paper collected will be used in our public supply of notebooks, such as conferences, bulk purchases and sold on our website.

However, if you would like to make the odd order of notebooks out of your paper this is also possible. Contact us and we’ll discuss next steps.


Your Offset paper will be turned into good-looking notebooks

Our Offsetters

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Wellington Culinary Events Trust James Cook Hotel 1st Assembly
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Zealandia Massey University Hutt City Libraries
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