Extra Uniqueness

Every Misprint notebook is one of a kind, but you can make them even more unique by using different binding methods and getting a unique cover design.

Binding Options (apart from the standard staple) include stitching and Canadian bind, which is like wire binding but with a professional cover finish over the top of the wire.

We also offer graphic full design services! Let us know if you would like us to design a custom cover for your order of notebooks, or maybe a spread in the notebook itself. You are also able to supply your own design, for which there will be a small set up fee.

If you have anything else in mind we can make it happen! Contact us at info@misprint.co or call +64 27 335 2209 for any questions about producing beautiful books.

Below are examples of our work. You may recognise some!


Te Papa Animation Talks Notebook (A5)

© Te Papa/photograph by Kate Whitley

Wellington's most innovative museum, Te Papa, came to us for a unique goody bag item for their Dreamworks Animation conference. They designed a storyboard style cover and we put it all together! 


VizBot Business Cards

VizBot came to us for a more unique option for their business cards. Repurposed business cards! We worked with them to create a talking point for their pitching events.


StratAspire Ltd New Year Notebook (A5)

StratAspire wanted a notebook that celebrated the new year, to give as a gift to their clients. We created a custom cover design, including an inside design covering strategic communication tips. StratAspire also requested a stitched binding, so these were hand-stitched with white thread.