Confidentiality & You

At The Misprint Co. we only take Non-Confidential paper. We cannot know what is confidential to your particular business, therefore businesses and schools that work with us are responsible for their own sensitive documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle confidential paper?
We DO NOT take confidential paper. We clearly state this on our collection boxes, on our website and in our information booklets given at the beginning of working with a business. What is confidential for each business varies, so we request each business to be responsible for it’s own confidentiality. If you suspect that something is confidential to your business, we ask you do not put it in our collection box.

What happens if all of our paper isn't used?
For Ecoloopers, you choose whether we return your paper back to you to recycle, or allow us to add it to our Offset stock to be sold to the public. This can be done on the order form.

For Offsetters, your paper will most likely be completely used. Any non-repurposable paper will be securely recycled. Please remember this paper will be seen by the public so it is extremely important that nothing confidential is in your collection box.

What sort of paper do you take?
We take any paper that hasn’t been printed on both sides and has space to be written on. Our gold standard paper is ‘semi blank’, or paper that has a small picture or little writing on it. We also take good on one side paper, or anything from a photocopier paper jam. This paper must be non-confidential.

We normally use paper that is A4 or A3 sized. Anything larger, we
can organise to be cut down to size. We don’t take anything smaller than A4.

What is your paper collection process?
All of the paper collection is done by our team.

For Ecoloopers, we ask your order to be placed approximately a month before the paper will be collected. This is so any customisations such as cover designs can be prepared before the order goes into production. We will then collect the paper, bring it back to our office and hand-curate the inserts to give to our local printery, Wakefields Digital.

For Offsetters, you simply keep collecting paper until your boxes are full, then contact us and we will pick it all up at once.

What is the timeframe for receiving an order back?
A typical order of 100 books will have a turnaround of two weeks, extra time may be needed for binding customisations or larger volumes.

What sort of customisations do you do?
Anything is possible! Some customisations cost a little extra but we encourage at least designing your own cover to really celebrate your business’ contribution. The Misprint Co. also offers full graphic design services if you don’t wish to design your own cover.

What is your most popular product?
Our A5 Notebooks. They are the perfect size for everything!

If we want more blank paper in our books, can we use some of your Offset stock?
We recommend using your own paper for Ecolooping to get the full impact of the closed loop cycle. However if you don’t have much that can be written on, we can discuss using some of our stock.

For bulk purchases of notebooks from those who aren’t Ecoloopers, (conferences and the like) we use public stock to create the notebooks. Some may be more blank depending on the stock we have available at the time!

Does repurposing really make a difference to the environment?
Repurposing before recycling cuts down the carbon emissions needed to ship the paper overseas. The water footprint of making virgin A4 paper is 10L per page. That means by buying one of our notebooks rather than one made from brand new paper, you are saving between 130-260L of water!