Repurpose your businesses or schools own waste paper into good-looking branded notebooks

How Ecoloop works

dropping paper

Step 1

We simply drop off a Misprint Collection Box for your business to collect your non-confidential, blank-on-one-side, waste paper.

picking up paper

Step 2

Once the box is full, email us and we'll pick it up. We will let you know how many repurposed notebooks you can order out of the waste paper collected.

paper to notebooks

Step 3

We then turn your paper into good-looking repurposed stationery for your business to purchase back completing the Ecoloop! Then you can start filling up your Misprint Paper Collection Box again for your next stationery order.

If you would like custom covers or different binding options we can discuss this via email or in person.



Some of our Ecoloopers' Notebooks

strategy notebook
tennent brown architect
moxie notebook

Our Ecoloopers