Our notebooks are flying off the shelves, so quick in fact, that we are running LOW on our paper stock for our classic stapled notebooks. 

We need YOU to find as much waste paper as you can muster and donate it to us.

Maybe you're company has just rebranded or moved office and there's reams of letterhead that could go to landfill, or maybe your printer went haywire and you got 500 pages of wingdings instead of your three page document. 

For every 1000 sheets of usable paper you give to us, we will give you a free good-looking notebook in return!

Do you have reusable paper? Contact us here

Extra information:

  • Paper must be donated in the month of March 2018.
  • Free notebooks will be given for the one-off donation only, not ongoing.
  • If you are looking to place an order for your business, we can offer a bulk discount over a free notebook.
  • You don't need to sign up to our service, but you're most welcome to afterwords!
  • We will pay for the shipping of paper to our office, or we will come and collect if you are in Wellington CBD.
  • Free notebook will be from our Original stock sold on our website.

So what sort of paper will we take?

Basically Blank
Examples include: Letterhead, printer errors, small logo test prints.
Examples include: non-confidential documents and worksheets, recipes, design test prints.
Your standard office printer paper is the minimum size we can work with.


 What sort of paper we can't take


We cannot take anything with 

Full names
Home Addresses
Bank details/invoices
or anything that is confidential to your business

See What is Repurposing? For more information on our process.

 We also can't take anything with a lot of handwriting, rips or food stains!

Contact us here to donate your paper!