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Collaborating with like-minded people and brands is a great way to generate new ideas and come up with even better products and stories. It allows everyone to bring their best ideas to the table and creates open discussions between all parties.

While studying design, collaboration was highly encouraged and often necessary. Now we’re running a business, it's become second nature to share ideas and work with others. Collaboration is now a key component within Misprint, however when we work with others businesses and people we make sure their values align with ours. Collaborating has allowed us to expand and engage with new audiences.

Misprint has done a few collaborations, such as a free coffee at Egmont st Eatery, Repurposing Wellington On A Plate menus to create funky notebook covers and teaming up with guest artists for our Crowdfund. During these collaborations, we have loved working with various people from around the Wellington region and showing off the cool things other businesses and artists are up to.



Since our crowdfund special edition notebooks were so successful, we have started running quarterly notebook releases featuring a guest artist. The first one of these special editions was Jaws by Josh Naus. We sold these notebooks exclusively on our website.




After Jaws sold out, we wanted to collaborate again for Autumn! This season’s cover is called Rebel and is a photography piece by Ashley Church from Dinosaurtoast. With this cover we are straying from our hand drawn and usual illustrative style. However, we think this vibrant and glamorous photograph works wonderfully on our notebooks.

With the recent drop of Rebel also comes our latest release of notebook subscriptions. This allows you to receive a yearly supply of notebooks shipped straight to your door! You’ll never run out of good-looking notebooks to write in.

We have two subscriptions available; your subscription package will contain one special edition notebook each new season (4 notebooks). Or you can upgrade to the extras package with two of our original pattern notebooks included with each special edition (12 notebooks). All subscriptions include shipping costs and can give access to subscriber only deals!



We’re excited to see what the next three guest artist covers hold for us. We will be doing the next call for submissions at the end of May. If you or someone you know would like to submit their art to us keep an eye out on our social media and in our newsletter for the call.

We’re always coming up with new and exciting ways we can collaborate with other companies and people, it is becoming a key way we can further innovate and make Misprint even bigger and better.



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