Wakefields Digital Repurposer of the Year!

Wakefields Digital Repurposer of the Year!

If you’ve ever bought a notebook, received one at a conference or been given one as a gift it has been finished to top-notch quality by Wakefields Digital. They have been our printing sponsor for the past two years and it has been great to work alongside such awesome people who love paper and quality products like us.

We have been doing the Repurposer of the Month series for a few months now and thought why not feature Wakefields Digital as our Repurposer of the Year! We had a chat with Dickon the big boss of Wakefields Digital and asked him a few questions about why they chose to sponsor us and why sustainability means so much to them.  

When chatting about why they chose to sponsor us they said it was because they love the idea, the cause and the Misprint people. “Being involved in the Misprint story is great advertising for us because we work with a lot of corporates and Government departments in Wellington, It gives us a fresh angle to promote our sustainability”. As printers, they are aware of the paper waste they create and they do their best to reduce waste and be sustainable where possible. To date Wakefields Digital has repurposed 6,354 sheets of paper saving 63,540 litres of water. The paper we collect from them are usually calibration sheets and their own set of dividers to separate jobs. We have received some pretty cool dividers from them such as patterns of Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Grumpy Cat and the Four Square Man. These fun dividers make great end covers for our notebooks and our customers love the random paper we get from Wakefields Digital.

When we first started looking to partner with a printer at the beginning we talked to many people and there were a lot of printers who were not prepared to work with a such a varied paper stock such as repurposed paper. This is because the printing machines don’t like to process already printed on paper as it can jam. However, when we walked into Wakefields Digital they were super keen to take on the challenge. Since then we have worked together to make sure the paper we supply is of a good repurposable quality so that the binding machines can feed the paper easy enough. We’ve now got it down to a fine art and the team at Wakefields Digital find finishing our notebooks to be a generally smooth process overall.


Wakefields Digital

Wakefields has helped us produce thousands and thousands of notebooks in the past two years, which means they have seen all our different cover designs from our customers, dealt with different binding techniques, different sizes and a lot of different paper varieties. So we asked what their favourite job of ours was, their answer hands down were the Webstock 2017 notebooks, which were made with gold foiling on black card. This notebook looked pretty slick and professional and it was the first time we had done a foil design on our notebooks. We know the Webstock organisers loved the finished product too.

Webstock Websotck Notebook

We’ve had a busy year working with Wakefields Digital and they have been amazing the whole way through. We hope next year we can make even more notebooks with Wakefields and do some more fun and innovative cover designs. On a final note if anyone is ever looking to print or bind anything Misprint 100% recommends Wakefields Digital as everything they do is of top-notch quality.

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