Trade Me - Repurposer of the Month

Trade Me - Repurposer of the Month

Trade Me first started using our Ecoloop service in March 2017. We were very excited to be working with such a cool and well-known company. After collecting paper for a few months Trade Me placed their first order of notebooks with us last month.

After they received their first round of notebooks, we had a chat to Steph from Trade Me about why they use our service and how they are enjoying their new and super sustainable notebooks!

Before Trade Me started using our service they recycled most of their paper, however there were a few people who chucked their waste paper into their desk bins. They saw benefit in using our service because they could reuse their paper instead of it being recycled or ending up in a landfill. As a business, Trade Me like to support sustainable initiatives when they can.

Previously Trade Me were purchasing notebooks each month on a standing order so it made sense to reuse their paper using our Ecoloop service to create their own notebooks instead. When our collection boxes first arrived in their office they found our system easy to implement and very straight-forward to use. “People love it here, especially the Sustainable Group. One person even drew a heart on a Misprint poster that I have above the recycle bins.”

Once their collection boxes were full of repurposable paper and old letterhead from their rebrand, Trade Me ordered their first run of branded notebooks. Their notebook featured our ‘One person’s printing error is another person’s notebook’ quote with the full stop being Kevin the Trade Me kiwi. They sent some of these books to their Auckland office who loved the finished product. This is always exciting for us to hear when people receive our notebooks. The staff use their new good-looking notebooks to jot notes down and their 24/7 crew who are on the phones all the time have them next to them too.

Since using our Ecoloop service Trade Me said, “It has created more awareness which in turn, will hopefully help the environment. And people love the notebooks!” We can definitely say with the paper Trade Me have repurposed, they have done awesome things for the environment. So far they’ve saved 14,237 sheets of A4 paper, saving 142,370 litres of water. Woohoo!

We really enjoy working with Trade Me and it is great to hear they are seeing the benefit in using our service. We look forward to continuing our work alongside them to repurpose their paper and help them become even more sustainable.


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