The Misprint Co. made it into the media!

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We have made it into the media recently which is rather exciting. We have had a couple of articles in the Dominion post as well as in the online mag Idealog.

The first article was in collaboration with Wellington East Girls College. We are old East girls and we thought it would be great to go back to them as new found entrepreneurs and see if they would like to partake in our sustainable business. We know that schools waste a lot of paper and WECG is a very sustainably conscience college. WEGC loved our idea and made our service a part of their sustainable initiative. Have a read of our story together here. 

Our other excerpt was with Idealog, they were interested to hear about our sustainability mission and journey. They loved the idea we were the first female founders to go through Lightning Lab and wanted to find our how we ran our business. If you'd like to read more about this, click here.

We featured again in the Dominion Post, they were interested in how we worked with businesses how they could become more sustainable themselves. Have a read of this short and sweet article here. 

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