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Strategy are good pals of ours and have been repurposing their fun and colourful paper with us since the beginning of Misprint. They were one of our first guinea pigs when we were testing our collection boxes and service structure. When we were first testing our collection service we gave them an ugly green crate with our logo and a printed piece of paper stuck on saying ‘no confidential paper’.

Strategy Creative have been a dedicated Ecolooper during their time with us and we wanted to ask them about why they use our service. As a creative agency, they said “We go through an embarrassing amount of paper. So much of what we do is visual and collaborative so we just can’t do everything on screens. Buying Misprint notebooks gives us an easy way to repurpose the paper we use. This makes our work more eco-friendly, and we get some kick ass notebooks out of it too.”

Strategy Creative are a fan of the opportunity to design a custom cover, they usually do a few new notebook covers for each order. “It’s great being able to design new covers for the next order and it gives the team an opportunity to design something really fun that is just for us.”  

The notebooks make a great conversation starter in meetings with their clients, this has lead to referrals and their customers ordering their own notebooks from Misprint, using Strategy’s paper! - Thanks for sharing the love and your paper team!


Strategy creative notebooks

So far Strategy Creative have repurposed 14,556 sheets of A4 paper saving 145,560 litres of water! They’ve definitely made a positive environmental impact.

Strategy Creative Collection Box

As Strategy Creative have placed a few orders with us we wanted to know how they found the process of not only ordering but how we collect the paper. Here’s what they said “We love working with Misprint. In particular, we love how easy you make it. Having you swap out the Misprint box when it’s full makes it even easier than recycling all our paper would be.” Their favourite part about our service is receiving the notebooks back and rifling through them to choose the notebook featuring their favourite projects they worked on. We also enjoy sorting their paper as it’s always colourful, funky and different.

Notebook flip notebook flip


We’re always interested to see if the businesses we work with develop a different attitude towards recycling after using our service. This is part of our overall impact vision. Strategy say, “they make way more of an effort to ensure their used paper goes in the Misprint box because they know they’re going to get a sweet notebook out of it in the end”. They find the most surprising benefit of repurposing is the amount of water and trees they can save instead of recycling.

Thanks, Strategy Creative for taking the time to answer these questions and for being a great customer of ours.


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