MetService - Repurposer of the Month

MetService - Repurposer of the Month

Each month we are going to feature one of our awesome customers who repurpose their paper.

To kick-off our Repurposer of the Month series, we talked to one of our biggest Offset paper suppliers, MetService! Fun fact about MetService: they hand-draw the weather every day. Yep, all those awesome maps of New Zealand with coloured pencil lines and drawings on them is our weather.

Meteorologists hand-draw maps as it is still the most accurate way to conceptualise weather in specific local areas. Even though there is technology that can do it for them, hand-drawn maps allow meteorologists to analyse small-scale weather and confirm the computer models are on the right track. We think that’s pretty cool.

MetService has been using our Offset service for over a year now and they have repurposed over 70,000 sheets of paper which equals 700,000 litres of water! That is a lot of weather being printed every day, oh and also the occasional recipe. In one of our collections we received a bunch of paper with the weather printed from the early 90’s, we think someone was cleaning out some old drawers.

Our purchasing customers love seeing all the cool maps and pictures of New Zealand feature in their notebooks. They really get a buzz seeing the weather drawn out, we think it’s because it looks a bit like art to be honest. One of our favourite pieces of paper from MetService is when it says ‘no thunderstorms’. We find it quite comical.


MetService frequently orders notebooks from us too, both for their own staff and to give away to visitors, VIP and new staff, they enjoy giving these people something personal to remember them by. MetService are also a fan of our weather inspired covers - no surprises there.

We really value MetService as a customer and an awesome paper supplier. We talked to a representative at MetService and asked them a few questions about how they find our service. They find our service simple to use and find value in knowing their used paper is being repurposed to save water and reduce emissions. MetService really values our brand and how they are able to personalise the notebooks made from their own paper to suit their company.

MetService find joy in giving their notebooks away because they make great gifts which aren't flashy and corporate but personal and simple enough to acknowledge their visitors. They find our notebooks are also a good price for this kind of giveaway. Our customer service is something MetService value too, as they know they are working with real people. 

Thank you MetService for being an awesome customer and Offsetter.

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May 16, 2017 • Posted by Justin

This is such a great idea, Kudos to you for the approach.

Have you got an inside shot of the notebooks anywhere? I’m interested to see how the reclaimed paper goes.

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