Meet Alysha! Our Aussie intern

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Get to know Alysha

Alysha is our newest team member and Aussie intern, she’ll be working with us over the summer period to develop our Repurposing in Schools project. Alysha first stumbled across The Misprint Co, during a google image search for ‘school paper waste’, our piece with Wellington East Girls College popped up! From there she got in contact and the rest is history.


We wanted to know a bit more about Alysha so we asked her a few questions below.

Tell us a bit about your background? (Where did you grow up, what are you currently studying/doing) 

I am born and bred in Sydney and have always been a visual and creative person. I stumbled across design during high school and fell in love with it enough to want to study it in university. I added an education degree to the mix and got to see how cool it was to teach people and share my love of knowledge! I came over to Wellington to finish up my degree with the Misprint Co exploring education programs about paper sustainability.

What are you passionate about?
Paper. (No jokes here.) Most girls have shoes, I have a paper collection that’s taking over! I love how versatile it is and that you can turn it into anything with a quick fold or snip. My other big passion is teaching - there’s something awesome about seeing a kid have a lightbulb moment and watching them grow more intrigued and curious about everything in life.


Do you have an odd quirk?
I speak German but I’m not from Germany. I just learnt it in school and it stuck. Also, the only people who can really guess my background are old Chinese grandmas.


Why do you like working for Misprint?
We’re making cool stuff that makes sustainability easy! Seriously, it’s not really hard to put some leftover paper in a box but it makes such a difference to the world within which we all live.

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