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Massey University is one our longest standing  Offset customers, we’ve been repurposing their paper since early 2015! They have always had a rich supply of paper and the content on the paper is usually quite amusing - if not very questionable... thanks to their design school College of Creative Arts (CoCA). As past Massey CoCA students, we are very aware of all the paper that is used and wasted on campus and it’s great we can help them repurpose their paper.

When we first started collecting paper from Massey we used big orange 120-litre utilitarian bins. These were often mistaken for regular rubbish bins and we would get food packets, old coffee cups and energy drink cans thrown in with our paper. One time a staff member tweeted us as they saw our orange bin on the back of a ute with all the other recycling and rubbish bins! That was a bit of a dilemma… but we solved it and replaced the bins with cardboard boxes.

After nearly two years of being a customer, we had a chat with a representative at Massey University to ask them a few questions. Even though Massey is technically an Offsetter they also purchase notebooks to use as giveaways. They give specially customised notebooks to prospective students at open days or on school visits, as “it’s great to give future students something made by our own”.

They said it’s great to be able to support graduates and their entrepreneurial efforts, especially as the product is sustainable and good for the environment. Massey is all too are aware of the vast amount of paper that gets used on campus. Thankfully we have been calculating the paper diverted to us since they started repurposing with us. So far Massey University has repurposed 17,244 sheets of A4 paper saving 172,440 litres of water.



Storytime: students are known for scavenging any material they can find to prototype with. A few of our cardboard collection boxes, unfortunately met their destruction by students doing exactly this. Another time our collection box was found by one of team members crumpled up and torn down Tasman St - this certainly provided us with a good laugh.


Collection Box


To date, Massey has purchased over 1000 notebooks and found the ordering process very straightforward. However, we were curious about people's reaction to receiving a slightly different and repurposed notebook... good news they’re incredibly popular and very well received, including by the staff!

Massey University’s paper is always interesting to collect and sort through. It certainly brings back memories for us! We look forward to seeing many more weird and wonderful things students and staff print turn up in our collection boxes.




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