Misprint Collection Day Using Mevo!

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About every two months Misprint does a big paper collection from our customers who are a bit further away than our handy hand truck can usually get to! To do these collections we use my Toyota Starlet but as you can imagine this car is tiny, and for a sustainable company there should be a better way to pick up our collection boxes, other than in my petrol run car.

A few months ago Kareena and I had been thinking about how we could try other modes of transport to pick up our collection boxes. We had a chat with Erik and Finn over a beer a Goldings to discuss the use of trying out their electric car share company Mevo. We first met Finn at Creative HQ where we heard about his awesome company he was starting about a year ago. Then we met Erik at a networking event where he promptly got Kareena and I to sign up to the Mevo beta - what a hustle! From there is has been awesome watching their company and fleet of cars steadily grow!



Since our chat at Goldings we have now used Mevo twice for our collections, both in the pouring rain - we must be jinxed! Anyway, we love how many boxes we can stash into the Audi A3 (double of what we could fit in the Starlet..) We fold the back seats right down to almost flat and remove the tray table turning the Audi A3 sedan into a very handy station wagon like feel. Great for our many collection boxes.

Mevo + Misprint

However, I must say when we first turned the car on we weren't sure if it was on… it was that quiet! It’s also super easy to drive around, has a great sound system and a pretty nifty reversing camera (it’s the little things).

During our collection run, we drove all over Wellington to Massey University, Berhampore School, out to the Hutt and to MetService our last Repurposer of the Month to pick up and replace the collection boxes. The whole time it was pouring heavily with rain, thankfully our paper didn’t get wet thanks to our box -jacket, which is actually a City Council backpack cover #repurpose!


Mevo at MetService

Misprint is all about sustainability and having an environmental impact as our mission, it makes sense for us to use other sustainable companies such as Mevo. It’s great to know there are options out there for Misprint to further decrease our carbon footprint as well as support other awesome sustainable companies like Mevo!

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