The Lightning Lab Experience

The Lightning Lab Experience

Lightning Lab Manufacturing, it’s been one hell of time. Filled with more highs and lows than we could have possibly predicted. Yet it has been three of the best months ever. Being able to actually do something we enjoy with awesome friends has been a hugely rewarding experience. After spending a solid 60+hrs a week together, the laughs are still flowing hard. Now that’s friendship!

Upon moving into Lightning Lab on High Street, on day one the stark white, blank walls called for creativity, innovation and many many post-its. On the latter we certainly delivered. From the start, it was guns blazing. Day two was a full intensive crash course on the lean canvas business model. Assumptions were flying and optimism filled the room with the big dreams of where we wanted our company to be and how we were going to do it.

During the following weeks personal hang ups were overcome. We picked up the phone and cold called people. The bizarreness of talking to strangers about their recycling habits did not always intrigue... But we did hook some sustainably minded people. So the trials began and our client base started.

As did the friendships grow with the other teams. We sat around the lunch table; the stories started, the laughs erupted and the coffee was drunk. We discovered more about each other, we were in fact more than just our businesses! Who knew.

From here it was full steam ahead. We had meeting after meeting, pitch after pitch and we grew our network far and wide.

Getting into parliament was awesome too. We even made it into Megan Woods’s instagram! #famous.

But soon the stresses crept up and the anxiety set in - demo day was looming. The thought of pitching was constantly mulling in the back our minds, just like the constant humming of the 3D printer from day one. This was the goal of the past three months. Have we done enough for investment?

But as Demo Day arrived, it was calm. We were prepped and ready. We represented Misprint loud and proud in our orange attire. This was it, D-Day. As the day slowly passed, the excitement crept in and the dancing started - our way of calming our nerves.

As Demo Day wound up and the investor mingling had finished, we knew we had nailed it. Now was the time to party and party we did.

Lightning Lab Manufacturing has been a great three months of intensive learning. We’ve made amazing friendships and seen huge growth in our company. We’re very grateful for this opportunity and we’re looking forward to the future.


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