Bin There and Got Boxes

Bin There and Got Boxes

The moment is finally here we have finally got our new Collection Boxes, thanks to Method Recycling! These bad boys will be coming to an office near you.

Through this collaboration anyone who purchases a Method Bin will also receive a Misprint  Collection Box, which has been repurposed from their packaging. This bright orange box is to be placed near a printer in your office. Now you can start collecting your non-confidential good-on-one-side paper.

Once you have received a Method Bin, we will call you to see if you are interested in becoming a part of The Misprint Co. service. Or you can give us a ring on 021 084 72067, then we will go through the necessary steps to get you on board.

If you haven’t got Method Bin, you can still get our Collection Box to repurpose you waste paper. Just give us a bell. 


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