Massey University - Repurposer of the Month

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Massey University is one our longest standing  Offset customers, we’ve been repurposing their paper since early 2015! They have always had a rich supply of paper and the content on the paper is usually quite amusing - if not very questionable... thanks to their design school College of Creative Arts (CoCA). As past Massey CoCA students, we are very aware of all the paper that is used and wasted on campus and it’s great we can help them repurpose their paper.

When we first started collecting paper from Massey we used big orange 120-litre utilitarian bins. These were often mistaken for regular rubbish bins and we would get food packets, old coffee cups and energy drink cans thrown in with our paper. One time a staff member tweeted us as they saw our orange bin on the back of a ute with all the other recycling and rubbish bins! That was a bit of a dilemma… but we solved it and replaced the bins with cardboard boxes.

After nearly two years of being a customer, we had a chat with a representative at Massey University to ask them a few questions. Even though Massey is technically an Offsetter they also purchase notebooks to use as giveaways. They give specially customised notebooks to prospective students at open days or on school visits, as “it’s great to give future students something made by our own”.

They said it’s great to be able to support graduates and their entrepreneurial efforts, especially as the product is sustainable and good for the environment. Massey is all too are aware of the vast amount of paper that gets used on campus. Thankfully we have been calculating the paper diverted to us since they started repurposing with us. So far Massey University has repurposed 17,244 sheets of A4 paper saving 172,440 litres of water.



Storytime: students are known for scavenging any material they can find to prototype with. A few of our cardboard collection boxes, unfortunately met their destruction by students doing exactly this. Another time our collection box was found by one of team members crumpled up and torn down Tasman St - this certainly provided us with a good laugh.


Collection Box


To date, Massey has purchased over 1000 notebooks and found the ordering process very straightforward. However, we were curious about people's reaction to receiving a slightly different and repurposed notebook... good news they’re incredibly popular and very well received, including by the staff!

Massey University’s paper is always interesting to collect and sort through. It certainly brings back memories for us! We look forward to seeing many more weird and wonderful things students and staff print turn up in our collection boxes.




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Misprint Collection Day Using Mevo!

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About every two months Misprint does a big paper collection from our customers who are a bit further away than our handy hand truck can usually get to! To do these collections we use my Toyota Starlet but as you can imagine this car is tiny, and for a sustainable company there should be a better way to pick up our collection boxes, other than in my petrol run car.

A few months ago Kareena and I had been thinking about how we could try other modes of transport to pick up our collection boxes. We had a chat with Erik and Finn over a beer a Goldings to discuss the use of trying out their electric car share company Mevo. We first met Finn at Creative HQ where we heard about his awesome company he was starting about a year ago. Then we met Erik at a networking event where he promptly got Kareena and I to sign up to the Mevo beta - what a hustle! From there is has been awesome watching their company and fleet of cars steadily grow!



Since our chat at Goldings we have now used Mevo twice for our collections, both in the pouring rain - we must be jinxed! Anyway, we love how many boxes we can stash into the Audi A3 (double of what we could fit in the Starlet..) We fold the back seats right down to almost flat and remove the tray table turning the Audi A3 sedan into a very handy station wagon like feel. Great for our many collection boxes.

Mevo + Misprint

However, I must say when we first turned the car on we weren't sure if it was on… it was that quiet! It’s also super easy to drive around, has a great sound system and a pretty nifty reversing camera (it’s the little things).

During our collection run, we drove all over Wellington to Massey University, Berhampore School, out to the Hutt and to MetService our last Repurposer of the Month to pick up and replace the collection boxes. The whole time it was pouring heavily with rain, thankfully our paper didn’t get wet thanks to our box -jacket, which is actually a City Council backpack cover #repurpose!


Mevo at MetService

Misprint is all about sustainability and having an environmental impact as our mission, it makes sense for us to use other sustainable companies such as Mevo. It’s great to know there are options out there for Misprint to further decrease our carbon footprint as well as support other awesome sustainable companies like Mevo!

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MetService - Repurposer of the Month

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Each month we are going to feature one of our awesome customers who repurpose their paper.

To kick-off our Repurposer of the Month series, we talked to one of our biggest Offset paper suppliers, MetService! Fun fact about MetService: they hand-draw the weather every day. Yep, all those awesome maps of New Zealand with coloured pencil lines and drawings on them is our weather.

Meteorologists hand-draw maps as it is still the most accurate way to conceptualise weather in specific local areas. Even though there is technology that can do it for them, hand-drawn maps allow meteorologists to analyse small-scale weather and confirm the computer models are on the right track. We think that’s pretty cool.

MetService has been using our Offset service for over a year now and they have repurposed over 70,000 sheets of paper which equals 700,000 litres of water! That is a lot of weather being printed every day, oh and also the occasional recipe. In one of our collections we received a bunch of paper with the weather printed from the early 90’s, we think someone was cleaning out some old drawers.

Our purchasing customers love seeing all the cool maps and pictures of New Zealand feature in their notebooks. They really get a buzz seeing the weather drawn out, we think it’s because it looks a bit like art to be honest. One of our favourite pieces of paper from MetService is when it says ‘no thunderstorms’. We find it quite comical.


MetService frequently orders notebooks from us too, both for their own staff and to give away to visitors, VIP and new staff, they enjoy giving these people something personal to remember them by. MetService are also a fan of our weather inspired covers - no surprises there.

We really value MetService as a customer and an awesome paper supplier. We talked to a representative at MetService and asked them a few questions about how they find our service. They find our service simple to use and find value in knowing their used paper is being repurposed to save water and reduce emissions. MetService really values our brand and how they are able to personalise the notebooks made from their own paper to suit their company.

MetService find joy in giving their notebooks away because they make great gifts which aren't flashy and corporate but personal and simple enough to acknowledge their visitors. They find our notebooks are also a good price for this kind of giveaway. Our customer service is something MetService value too, as they know they are working with real people. 

Thank you MetService for being an awesome customer and Offsetter.

Want to become a part of our Paper People community? Contact us about Offset here

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We love a good collaboration at The Misprint Co.

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Collaborating with like-minded people and brands is a great way to generate new ideas and come up with even better products and stories. It allows everyone to bring their best ideas to the table and creates open discussions between all parties.

While studying design, collaboration was highly encouraged and often necessary. Now we’re running a business, it's become second nature to share ideas and work with others. Collaboration is now a key component within Misprint, however when we work with others businesses and people we make sure their values align with ours. Collaborating has allowed us to expand and engage with new audiences.

Misprint has done a few collaborations, such as a free coffee at Egmont st Eatery, Repurposing Wellington On A Plate menus to create funky notebook covers and teaming up with guest artists for our Crowdfund. During these collaborations, we have loved working with various people from around the Wellington region and showing off the cool things other businesses and artists are up to.



Since our crowdfund special edition notebooks were so successful, we have started running quarterly notebook releases featuring a guest artist. The first one of these special editions was Jaws by Josh Naus. We sold these notebooks exclusively on our website.




After Jaws sold out, we wanted to collaborate again for Autumn! This season’s cover is called Rebel and is a photography piece by Ashley Church from Dinosaurtoast. With this cover we are straying from our hand drawn and usual illustrative style. However, we think this vibrant and glamorous photograph works wonderfully on our notebooks.

With the recent drop of Rebel also comes our latest release of notebook subscriptions. This allows you to receive a yearly supply of notebooks shipped straight to your door! You’ll never run out of good-looking notebooks to write in.

We have two subscriptions available; your subscription package will contain one special edition notebook each new season (4 notebooks). Or you can upgrade to the extras package with two of our original pattern notebooks included with each special edition (12 notebooks). All subscriptions include shipping costs and can give access to subscriber only deals!



We’re excited to see what the next three guest artist covers hold for us. We will be doing the next call for submissions at the end of May. If you or someone you know would like to submit their art to us keep an eye out on our social media and in our newsletter for the call.

We’re always coming up with new and exciting ways we can collaborate with other companies and people, it is becoming a key way we can further innovate and make Misprint even bigger and better.



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World Water Day 2017

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Today is World Water day!

At The Misprint Co, we feel very passionately about saving and reducing water consumption wherever we can. We have just reached a big milestone of saving two million litres of water by repurposing paper before recycling it.

Scientists believe if we continue to use water as we currently are, we’re likely to exceed our resources by 40% by 2030.

Water is becoming an even bigger issue these days. Auckland, recently experienced a massive deluge resulting in their main treatment plant not being able to cope with the extra water. Auckland was urged to conserve water until the end of March, as there was only a 10% buffer between Aucklanders' daily water use and the production level. In Wellington it has recently just been discovered there have been pipes leaking over one million litres of water (half an Olympic swimming pool) per day since November, after the Kaikoura quake. This means our water consumption increased by 8% per day.

Wastewater is a big issue and there is a need for innovation and use of clean technologies for resource efficiency in the water sector. There is a big movement towards the circular economy of water and wastewater is the largest underutilised resource, so we should start here. Wastewater is the greywater which is produced by showering, dishwashers and washing machines etc. There are now alternative ways we can reuse greywater in our homes such as installing systems that utilise your greywater to irrigate your garden. However, if you are to use such systems people have to be aware of the products they use, such as; soaps, dish liquid and shampoo, these have to be organic and contain no harsh chemicals as this could harm your garden.  

Currently, we are using water in a linear process meaning the wastewater we create by showering, doing laundry and washing dishes is treated, processed and sent back into the sea or land. There is huge potential for this wastewater to be reused after or before being treated, as a result of this it would put less strain on our natural resources.

The good news is that New Zealand has a waste strategy where the plan is to create a circular process with how water is treated and reused again. Starting with these four steps

  1. managing wastewater at source (including water conservation and recycling)
    such as; using water efficient washing machines to reduce water usage.
  2. collection and treatment, for example; collecting rainwater or upgrading water treatment plants.
  3. reuse of treated wastewater and sludge, for example; irrigation.
  4. re-entry of treated waste into an ecosystem.

However, we should also do our bit to reduce water too, whether that be taking shorter showers, purchasing water efficient washing machines, dishwashers and toilets. Or even simply turning the tap off when brushing your teeth.

Water is such a precious resource that if we don’t start doing our bit to conserve it and create sustainable processes and infrastructure to try to reduce and reuse our water, it will inevitably have a massive impact on us and the environment.

We’re doing our bit at The Misprint Co, by repurposing waste paper, by repurposing before recycling we are saving 10 litres of water per A4 sheet repurposed. Even something as simple as this can make a huge difference as we have seen by the amount of water and paper we have saved and repurposed during our time in business.

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